PencilTeam S.A.

Our staff are highly skilled in communicating news from a variety of sources
to a wide range of influential audiences on shipping and maritime sector.

About PencilTeam

Epsilon Pencil Team Communicators SA, is a modern media company that occupies a number of specialized journalists, analysts and programmer - analysts, in order to provide a wide range of valuable services towards the shipping industry and other related fields.


Since 2007 Pencil Team Communicators SA, has manage to create an online shipping newspaper, which concentrates on maritime and shipping finance news, giving the opportunity to its audience to access a multileved system of services and information. is considered to be a credible online portal that reports the daily news providing in-depth analysis on maritime issues.


Operating as a news agency, Pencil Team is able to supply the companies with media and maritime content that could be applied on web pages, media publications, mobile and landline networks etc. The content is produced according to the needs of every company in order to fully satisfy the clients requirements.

New Media Services

Pencil Team's experts on web applications can responsibly undertake and initialize any networking project plan in a competitive price.

Web Hosting Services

Pencil Team is equipped with the latest advanced technology servers. Therefore, the company belongs in the category of the most reliable web hosting providers in Greece, maintaining a close collaboration with another leading web hosting company in the United States.


Pencil Team participates in the creation of forums, conferences and workshops. The company can also undertake the management of similar activities on the behalf of third parties.

Public Relations

Pencil Team is able to design the communication strategy for companies, organizations and agencies. Following the trends of advanced technology, the company can implement your goal and deliver your message effectively.


Pencil Team follows a dynamic path in the production of special publications in cooperation with Lamprakis Press S.A.